About David Dellman

If you want creative, experienced, and reliable entertainment for your special event,
David is eager to consult with you, and to work hard to satisfy your expectations

Throughout his childhood and teenage years, David spent his summer breaks and weekends running errands in exchange for lessons from Phil Thomas, then owner of the Yogi Magic Mart in Baltimore Maryland.

“Read books my boy,” Phil would tell him.

And he did.

By the time David reached his teen years, his passion was paying for itself. In those early years, David performed for birthday parties, local businesses, and at community fairs.

While performance magic has always been a central passion of his life, David also holds a Bachelor of Psychology, a Master of Divinity, and a Master of Education. He loves to design educational and promotional programs using magic to drive home the message.

David also has over thirty years of business and business management experience.

In December of 2006, David’s first novel, The Mentor’s Gift (available on this site and wherever fine books are sold) was published. The novel tells the story of successful corporate magician Amy Alexander.