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The Magic Show

Magic, Mindreading, and The Tarot  David has been seeking the finest and the best in magic since he was eight years old. He has performed for college audiences, magicians, teenagers, kids, and at corporate events. He values quality and originality and this is reflected in every performance. divider

The Magic Class

David Dellman: The Teaching Magician

Have you ever wondered how those tricks are done?

Now is you chance to learn the secrets for yourself.

Other magicians do their show and leave. David will present each effect then explain how it was accomplished emphasizing not only mechanical secrets but the real secrets of magic – the psychology behind the presentation. Even if you and your guest have no interest in becoming performers yourselves, David’s presentations are fun and educational.

If you want entertainment that is also thought provoking, this is the show for you.

David offers two shows to choose from and they can be mixed and matched to meet your needs.

David’s basic two shows are: Magic with Everyday Objects and Effects with Magical Apparatus.

Most of the effects without apparatus are either in the public domain or they have been significantly developed by David so that the equivalent of copyright infringement is not an issue.

The effects with apparatus however were invented by someone and that someone is compensated when you purchase the apparatus. If you select effects with apparatus or the Effects with Magical Apparatus Show, the show fee will include the cost of the apparatus for each participant at the show.

This is what we offer:

Magic with Everyday Objects

Learn 7 tricks with everyday objects like rope, rubber bands, and playing cards

No apparatus is included but none is needed. All you need to perform these effects is already in your home.

You will learn to do tricks with rubber bands that you can carry in your pocket, ready to perform any time and anywhere. You will learn the classic cut and restored rope trick, the ring off rope trick, tricks with standard playing cards, and even mind reading effects.

Effects with Magical Apparatus

Learn seven tricks with special magical apparatus.

This show is more expensive because it includes the apparatus required to produce the magical effect, but it is worth it!

Note: Full kits are $75 a piece with a minimum order of five (5) in addition to the show and demonstration fee. Kits include seven from the list below. David also has some special-order items. If you are interested in customizing, tell us about it. We will be happy to discuss your needs and tailor a show for you and your guess.

Some of our offerings include but are not limited to:

Bank Night – a classic theme in the history of magic. The performer displays 4 tumblers covered by four different colored bags. Spectators choose any three (no force or outs), and find their tumblers have consolation messages. The final bag left to the performer has the “jackpot.”

This effect includes the special bags supplied, use any tumblers.

Triumph – based on the slight of hand effect invented by the great Dai Vernon, a spectator selects a card from a pack, notes it and returns it to the pack.  The performer shuffles the pack, and mixes it up, some cards face up, and some cards face down, in an effort to totally lose the selected card.  Cards are then ribbon spread and shown to be totally mixed. Performer gives the pack a magic snap and ribbon spreads the cards once again.  All the cards have magically turned around, except for one card, which is the selected card.

Cheek to Cheek – The performer shows a pack of cards, reverses half of it and shuffles it into the other half but face up. He spreads the deck on the table and turns his back. A spectator is requested to take any face up card, turn it face down and replace it anywhere in the spread. Magician squares up the deck and scans through it. Having a little trouble finding the card, he spreads the deck on the table and PRESTO! The entire deck is now face down and the selected card is face up!

Sponge Rabbits – Two large sponge rabbits are shown to an audience volunteer, who selects one of them. That chosen rabbit is placed in the spectator’s hand and the other one in the magician’s pocket. When the spectator opens his hand out pops two rabbits! Place the two rabbits in spectator’s hand, and they are joined by a bunch of baby bunnies!

Scotch and Soda – Place a Kennedy Half Dollar and Mexican coin in your hand. Close and reopen your hand and the Mexican coin has vanished, only to be found in your pocket.

Chinatown Half – The mysterious magic of the Orient is in your hands with this beautiful trick. You place a handsome, custom designed Chinese coin on the spectator’s hand. The spectator is asked to close the hand. When opened, a REAL half dollar has replaced it!

The Classic Coin Box – The audience will be amazed as they watch a coin penetrates through the bottom of the coin box and your hand onto the table unexpectedly! Easy to do, instructions included.

Coin Through Glass – The magician shows the audience a small plate and puts a coin on it. He then introduces a solid transparent glass and places it mouth downwards over the coin on the plate. Now with a 5 cents coin he starts to tap the bottom of the glass and suddenly, the audience will see the coin “penetrate” the bottom of the glass and drop near the coin on the plate.

Clear Hot Rod – Both sides of a rod with 6 different colored gems is displayed.  Spectator selects one of the colors, and magician makes all the gems on both sides of the rod change to the selected color.

Magic Jumping Pin Trick – Magician places a pin in the first hole of a small paddle. A magic pass and the pin jumps to the second hole!

Finger Penetration Frame – A solid wooden plate penetrates right through the performer’s or a spectator’s finger. A wooden plate with a hole, and a split frame with a hole into which the plate fits are displayed. The plate visibly penetrates right through the performer’s or a spectator’s finger.

Dots Impossible – The magician places a card of one color amidst five of another color. With the cards face down the spectator reads the magician’s thoughts and selects the only odd card.

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The Masters Class – Part 1

This class is designed for those who want to explore magic as a performing art. David will discuss and demonstrate mysteries from several different magical art forms to give the student a sense for the variety within the magical arts. divider

The Masters Class – Part 2

Once you have decided on a branch of magic to concentrate on, David will help you develop in that specialty. divider

The Tarot Experience

David is a serious student of the tarot and the esoteric arts. While the tarot and psychic readings are highly entertaining, David approaches the subject with reverence and respect. For more information, please see one of David’s sister sites: Tarot by David

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