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Zig Ziglar’s Railroad Story

When someone was devoted to their company in the old days, they were called "company men." Of course, there are "company women" too. There are various definitions of what a company person is, but I believe they are loyal to their company. They believe that their fate...

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One dictionary definition of loyalty is “a strong feeling of support or allegiance.” Coworkers and bosses have told me that they find me loyal, and it flatters me to hear that because loyalty is high on my list of values. I want to be perceived as loyal, and I want to...

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Help a Coworker Today  

Some believe that our happiness is in direct proportion to our service to others. My hero Zig Ziglar once said, “You can have everything in life you want if you will just help other people get what they want.” If you want to be happy and fulfilled at work, see...

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I Get to go to Work Today

"I get to go to work today" is not usually what we hear on Monday, but if you have ever been jobless or, worse, income less than you might understand the enthusiasm of someone grateful for the opportunity to work. Even in hard times, we are blessed in America with...

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Too Much to Do in Too Little Time

Too much work to do in too little time is a common workplace complaint. Managers want to get the best bang for their buck, so they often intentionally assign an unrealistic workload hoping that their employees will rise to the occasion. Many years ago, when I was in...

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In the workplace and our lives outside of the workplace, the opinion formed of us by our peers, friends, co-workers, and employers is directly impacted positively or negatively by our punctuality. When we show up on time not once but consistently, we are seen as...

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I was the Director of HR for Richcroft Inc. for 26 years. I began in April of 1994, and my last day was July 17, 2020. Not all of the moments in all of those years were smooth and easy. I faced challenges every day, and as the HR director, it was my job to address...

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The word change can make some feel anxious, and some feel glad depending on the change.   If the boss gives you a raise, chances are you will see the change as a good one. On the other hand, if you are laid off or furloughed, chances are you won’t see that...

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Employee engagement is all the rage. Employers are willing to invest thousands on programs and consultants designed to increase employee engagement, and no wonder. When employees are engaged, they do their best work on the job, and they will remain loyal even when the...

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