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Zig Ziglar was my favorite motivational speaker. At one of the darkest points in my life, I read his book, See You at the Top, and it changed my life. From that moment, I determined that I would see him speak live and in person. I accomplished that goal not once but...

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Write Everyday

Write Everyday It is one thing to dream. It is another thing to do. Unless and until we do, a dream is a wish, a fantasy, entertainment. I have dreamed of being a writer since I was eight-year-old, but I have not always maintained the habit of daily writing in all the...

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I Can Find the Talent You Need

I Can Find the Talent You Need I’ve been performing magician for 50 years (I am not that old, but then again, the numbers don't lie). I have met and worked with a lot of people. I have also produced some significant events, including conventions and conferences. I...

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Annoying Games Recruiters Play

Annoying Game #1: The Hidden Salary "I have a good idea, let's not tell anyone about our salary range for the job. This way, we can get top talent cheap." Oh, yea, that's a brilliant idea. Applicants don't know if they can expect to earn more or less when they apply,...

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Grammarly I love Grammarly. I started using Grammarly for e-mails and on-line composition, but I soon realized the value of this software, so I put it on my desktop. I never compose without it, including blog posts like this one. When you open it up, it will ask you a...

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Family Entertainment

Family Entertainment I’ve been hired to entertain at a good many children’s birthday parties. Parents enjoy watching their children have fun, but as an entertainer, I was never satisfied with merely watching the adults watch the kids. My goal is to provide...

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