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The Writers Group

The Writers Group My first experience with a writer’s group was in graduate school. I took an advanced class in short story writing. The class meetings were organized in writers group format. We sat in the round. Each student delivered material before the class. Then...

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Communicate with Magic

Communicate with Magic Many people think of hiring a mentalist or magician when they are planning a special event. They want to make their event memorable and entertaining for their guests, so they hire a magician. The majority of the opportunities I get are to...

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Hermey Doesn’t Like to Make Toys

Hermey Doesn't Like to Make Toys I love the 1964 Christmas classic, Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. My cousin Susan and I can recite whole sections of dialogue from the show, and we often do when the family gathers at my aunt's home on Christmas Eve. In one sequence,...

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The Writing Life: Character Development 

The Writing Life: Character Development If you write non-fiction, this topic may not have much appeal, but if you are a fiction writer of any genre, character development is job number one. My characters write my stories. I invest heavily on the front end, nurturing...

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How We Spend our Days

I have a guilty pleasure. Okay, I have many guilty pleasures, but the one of interest for today is Hallmark movies. I love Hallmark movies. Sometimes the wisest statements can come from a character in a Hallmark movie. In The Art of Us, one of the characters said,...

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The Christmas Garden: Sample Chapter 

The Christmas Garden Sample Chapter     Chapter 1   Alyssa Chandler stretched to hang an ornament from the highest branch of her Christmas tree. She cringed when a sharp pain in her side reminded her of the incision still healing after her recent...

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