Family Entertainment

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Family Entertainment

I’ve been hired to entertain at a good many children’s birthday parties.

Parents enjoy watching their children have fun, but as an entertainer, I was never satisfied with merely watching the adults watch the kids.

My goal is to provide entertainment for the entire family.

Over the decades I have been performing, I have developed a show that kids have fun watching, but adults enjoy as well.

It is not uncommon for a family that hired me to entertain at an 8-year old’s party to bring me back to entertain at their 88-year old grandmother’s party.

As a performer, it gives me a great deal of satisfaction when I can engage everyone, and I work hard to do precisely that.

When you invest in an entertainer, wouldn’t it be ideal if you and everyone else enjoyed the entertainer at your event?

For me entertaining each person at the party regardless of the person’s age is the mission.

I have also been brought in to entertain at what I was told would be an adult event only to find a significant number of children present.

I am always prepared for whatever age demographic I might face.

When I am hired to entertain adults but find that children are present, the kids are not left out.

I engage them.

They have fun.

The adults have fun.

And everyone is entertained.

If you have an event on the horizon, give me a call.

Let’s talk about it.

Take care,

David Dellman

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