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I love Grammarly.

I started using Grammarly for e-mails and on-line composition, but I soon realized the value of this software, so I put it on my desktop.

I never compose without it, including blog posts like this one.

When you open it up, it will ask you a series of questions:

It will ask you about your audience’s knowledge level, the formality of your tone, and the domain of your intended audience (academic, business, casual, etc.). It will ask you about your tone and your intent.

Once you answer those questions, it goes to work on your grammar, spelling, clarity, and style. It will even check to see if anything you said was plagiarized.

Grammarly is the best software of its kind I have ever used.

I do have one suggestion, though if you use it, try to give it bite-sized chunks of no more than 500 words. Even if you don’t take all of the suggestions the program will toss at you, it will keep you busy making long passages unmanageable.

Alex Shevchenko, Max Lytvyn, and Dmytro Lider developed Grammarly in 2009.

Check it out.

Then let it check you out.

Take care,

David Dellman

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