I Can Find the Talent You Need

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I Can Find the Talent You Need

I’ve been performing magician for 50 years (I am not that old, but then again, the numbers don’t lie).

I have met and worked with a lot of people.

I have also produced some significant events, including conventions and conferences.

I know what it is like to book talent.

I know how aggravating it can be when some people I book don’t perform up to my expectations.

Whatever your needs, I probably know at least one perfect fit.

I know magicians who specialize in close up, stage, and parlor.

I know magicians that can read minds, or read the cards, or make audiences laugh.

I know magicians who work only with coins, or cards, or even wild birds.

I know belly dancers and fire eaters.

I also know DJs and caterers.

I have a good relationship with some hotel managers as well.

I can be a resource for you whether you choose to book me or not.

Give me a call.

Let’s talk about it.

Take care,

David Dellman

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