The Monday Blues and the Sunday Dreadfuls

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“I need to get myself together, Monday is almost here.”

“No, I can’t go anywhere today (Sunday) because tomorrow is Monday.”

 If Monday were a person, I would feel sorry for him or her.

Everyone seems to dislike Monday.

In the 80s, there was a great song by The Bangles called Manic Monday.

The lyrics went like this:

“It’s just another manic Monday.

I wish it was Sunday

‘Cause that’s my fun day

My, I don’t have to run day.”

The song was a sensation, and it is still a favorite on a Monday morning.

These are the Monday Blues.

When Friday finally arrives, we say, “Thank God its Friday” or TGIF. 

If Friday were a person, he or she would be the most popular person at the party.

But what does this say about our work?

It’s not Monday we dread; it’s returning to our work routine after a two-day weekend that we fear. 

My mission is to create a better workplace.

I want people to be happy at work.

I’d love for people to say, “Thank God its Monday. I get to go to work today.”

These are five of my suggestions for beating the Monday Blues.

First, identify what you are fearful or concerned about at your workplace and deal with the problem head-on.

Change it if you can.

If you can’t change it, find a way to deemphasis the negative aspect of your job while shifting focus to what brings you joy.

Second, get to work early.

I know what you are thinking, “I hate my job. Why should I get there early?”

Get there early and do the most unpleasant task first, preferably before the official workday begins.

In this way, you can devote your entire day to what you love.

This will reframe Monday if you do it habitually.

Third, go out of your way to bring joy to a co-worker.

The act of giving will release endorphins that will brighten your day.

Forth, do not overload Monday.

There are four other days in the workweek.

Keep Monday as stress-free as possible.

Finally, remember that you are in charge.

You may not be the boss, but you are in charge of your attitude and, ultimately, your experience.

If you want to start having marvelous Mondays that you can look forward to instead of dread, then decide to make it so, create a plan to make it so, and implement your plan.

I hope your Mondays become your favorite instead of your most feared days.

Take care,

David Dellman

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